no "AFTER DARK" events scheduled for 2016/2017. See our Fixture for our other events

This is a 1 vehicle per team event.

Navrun after dark is an exciting new alternative to a Navrun weekend. The concept of navigating your own route to waypoints, following stick maps and directions still apply but the event starts at 9am and concludes 14-15 hours later at 11pm.

Presentation will be Sunday morning, so you can still be home early on Sunday.

There will be a big mix of navigational courses to do throughout the competition. There may be taking photographs during the day, stick maps of various kinds, route maps, questions, and an array of many other courses to test your navigational skills.

The standard of driving will be easy-medium to challenging grade in this region. Navigation will be easy to medium to difficult. There will be one base camp, therefore it will be safe to store and setup your camp permanently for the weekend.


Entry Fee Includes
$300 one vehicle team of 2 adults; breakfast & dinner


Additional Fees Includes
extra Adult no charge unless catering is required, then its $30 per head
extra U12 child no charge unless catering is required, then its $15 per head

What do I get?: Included in your entry fee are all maps and notes, dinner and breakfast 2 x adults per vehicle.

Trophies are awarded to 10th Place.

Prize Pool of over $5,000 awarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd Placed teams.


For more details contact NavRun Headquarters (Rudi Paoletti).

Full details are under Contact Us.

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