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EASTER 30th March to 1st April, 2018

(Easter w/end)

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Just like the TV show but in your 4WD, you look for a clue at a GPS location. There will be an instruction to do a novel 4wd activity then instructions to find your next destination. Over the 3 days you will experience Wimmera's Desert Region of Victoria at Easter This will be right up there with the greatest 4wd adventures you can have with family and friends.

As with all our events, it is not timed, so it will not affect your vehicle insurance. Road tyres are very suitable for this event as well.

You will be navigating, looking for clues, follow instructions and conducting bizarre exercises along the way. There will be all sorts of twists and surprises but unlike the TV show, nobody gets eliminated.

So long as it is reliable, virtually any 4WD & AWD with a good clearance will be up to this one. There should be no need for scratching or damage. This is a good fun, family event. There are no classes or limitations and all we need is for drivers to be licensed and vehicles to be registered. 


We will behaving one base bush camp so you don't have to pack up each morning and take everything with you. No night activities other than social camp fires. We will have games & prizes for the kids. No catering provided so BYO food, water, etc... except for presentation night. We are based only 5 minutes from a main township, so all supplies and fuel are readily available. LPG is no problem.


What do I need? Firstly, it is one 4wd/Awd (with some clearance) vehicle per team, although there is nothing wrong in pairing up. But all vehicles must have a GPS, UHF radio, basic recovery equipment,  and a great sense of adventure. Winches and diff locks will not be required. Greater detail will be available upon entry. 


What is supplied? Other than an excellent time, all maps, notes, etc.  are provided for each vehicle.  


Where do we start?  There will be one base bush camp; located near Horsham. Bring your caravans, camper trailers, etc. The camp site is 2WD access.


What prizes are for offer? A set of tyres, assorted prizes and trophies are awarded up to 10th place. Presentation will be made on the conclusion of the event around a huge bonfire with food, drinks and alcohol provided in your entry fee. 


Maxtrek Tyres are the contributors and naming rights of this event.


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The cost is $350 per vehicle,regardless of how many people you squeeze into it.




Further details please contact Rudi Paoletti at 0428 534 102 or 03 9789 6985




For more details contact NavRun Headquarters (Rudi Paoletti).

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