Road Safe's

High Country Challenge

18/19th November, 2017

This will be our 90th Event run since est. 2002.




2017 KING ONE Winch Navrun Series for the best ranked team for 2017.

Its your chance to win your team a KING ONE Winch and assorted other prizes. Don't forget you also get a perpetual Navrun Series Winner Trophy.

-To qualify you must have competed in at least in 2 out of the 3 events run in 2017 (Amazing Race, Alpine Pursuit or High Country Challenge).

- If you have competed in 3 of the events- only the 2 best scores will be counted

-Your team name, and both Driver and Navigator must also be the same.

-Results will be announced at a presentation Dinner held in November, 2017.

Road Safe's

High Country Challenge


Where: Toolangi, Vic

When: 18/19th November, 2017

Watch the video courtesy of our Team GFPMD (Dave Kappa), one of our competitors:

High Country 2015 Video Short

High Country 2012 Video Short

This is a very unique event, as it caters for first time novelists to so-called expert navigators.

This is a 1 vehicle per team event.

The High Country Challenge has it all. Serious navigation without the compromise of taking out the fun of four wheel driving.

15-16 hours of off-road competition with 2 stages. Start is Saturday 9am until midnight.

The event is focused on all the groups of four wheelers. Families, stock standard vehicles, competition vehicles, slightly modified, highly modified.... as long as it is a four wheel drive and road registered, then you can enter.

Winches, are not compulsory.... recovery equipment is... eg. snatch strap, tree trunk protector... you know the drill. You must be able to recover yourself if the event arises.

No limit to the amount of people you can bring along... as long as it is a legal number you can cram in your vehicle.

The navigation is rated easy to challenging; the four wheel drive standard will be easy to medium. We do recommend Mud Terrains. Mud Terrains can be a god send if it rains.

Dinner is provided for the Saturday night by the Toolangi Tavern.

An example of such meal options would be;
Chicken parma with chips and salad
Beer battered fish and chips with coleslaw
Famous Toolangi Burger (with the lot)
Vegetarian burger- roasted field mushrooms, haloumi cheese, beetroot, harissa & onion
Bangers and mash with tomato relish and onion rings.

Make sure you have enough additional food and water for the weekend.

Our base camp will be secure. So your valuables will be very safe to leave there. There will always be several officials on site at all times to. Base camp is start, halfway mark and finish for all 2 stages.

Full details will be made available upon your entry acceptance.

250-270 kilometers of off road driving is estimated over the 15-16 hours.

This is a unique event, with a unique style of navigation!!!!!!! It is designed for the beginners right through to the expert.

Ensure that you has a GPS. 

We will close the entries when we reach the maximum quota. Upon receiving your entry form and payment, we will email detailed particulars,such as how much fuel you will require, exact location, maps, etc. 


Entry Fee Includes
$300 one vehicle team of 2 adults; dinner for the Saturday night at TBA.
Additional Fees Includes
extra Adult no charge unless catering is required, then its $30 per head
extra U12 child no charge unless catering is required, then its $15 per head
5 and under no charge for meals and presentation dinner
Presentation Dinner plus $30 for Presentation Dinner if you would like to attend the Sandown Hotel. This is a buffet dinner inc. deserts. 12 and Under is only $15, and 5 and Under no charge.

Presentation Dinner: This is a buffet Dinner at the Sandown Hotel near Sandown Racecourse at 6pm Saturday (date to be announced later).

What do I get?: Included in your entry fee are all maps and notes, and dinner for 2 x adults per vehicle.



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