No "Navrun" events Scheduled for 2016 and 2017. Please see our Fixture for our other Navrun type events scheduled for 2016/17. eg. Amazing Race, Pursuit & High Country Challenge.

This is a 1 vehicle per team event.

Navruns started back in 2002. We have fine tuned our rules and scoring technique, identified what makes a Navrun so much fun, yet we have made each one unique. Overall, we now can boast we have the know how and experience rivaled by no other in Australia with over 100 events run to date.

There will be prizes and trophies up to 10th place. Navrun is a team event for one 4WD vehicle only. You plot your own course and pick the tracks and situations you drive so this may suit stock standard 4WD vehicles right through to the well prepared competition rigs. There are no classes or class rules but extensively modified vehicles must be allowed to be on the road. All vehicles must be registered and the drivers must be licensed. Other than essential recovery equipment (such as snatch straps, tow points, etc) we do not require specific work to be done on your vehicle. It is simply recommended that each team have the resources to recover itself should the need arise. There will be GPS reference points. Ensure that you has a GPS. 

Every Navrun is different, and we have a mixture or different courses for each event. You may team up with a group of friends or bring the kids. In most cases, there are officials based at camp so displaced family members and abandoned camping equipment are safe.

Driving will vary from 7 to 8 hours each day (Saturday and Sunday). Scores will be tallied in the computer and trophies/prizes will be awarded to drivers and navigators on location at the conclusion of each event. (Note: this is not relevant to 24hr Navrun Trial- see table below for details)

We are very safety conscious in our events. We have invested in data loggers which monitor team speeds are kept below to our nominated event speed. If running night runs, we also breathylize competitors. There is a zero alcohol tolerance reading if competing.

We will close the entries when we reach the maximum quota that each area can manage.Upon receiving your entry form and payment, we will email detailed particulars pertaining to the NavRun you entered, such as how much fuel you will require, exact location, maps, etc.

What do I get?: Included in your entry fee are all maps and notes, dinner and breakfast for 2 x adults per vehicle.



For more details contact NavRun Headquarters (Rudi Paoletti).

Full details are under Contact Us.

Please also refer to the Navrun Rules & Conditions.

Refer to the Fixture for venues and dates of all the Navruns.

Results and Scores of all the Navruns.

View short videos of the Navruns

The Robe 2004 Navrun (6Mb 3m29sec) DOWNLOAD

What is a Navrun Event? (4.7Mb 2m42sec) DOWNLOAD

View Photo Gallery of the Navruns.

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