September 15/16th, 2018

This is a 1 vehicle per team event.


Pyrenees after Dark is a challenging alternative to multi-day navigational events.
The concept of navigating your own route to waypoints, following stick maps and directions applies.

The event starts at 9am and concludes 14-15 hours later.

Presentation will be Sunday morning, so you can still be home early on Sunday.

There will be a mix of navigational courses to do throughout the event: stick maps of various kinds, route maps, questions, and an array of others to test your navigational skills. Modern technology assists but "old school" know how will come into play.

The event is focused on all the groups of four wheelers.... so if your vehicle has reasonable ground clearance, low range and is road registered, then you can enter.

The Main Route is based around easy to medium grade four wheel driving. Recovery equipment is compulsory E.g. Snatch strap, tree trunk protector, shackles ... you know the drill. You must be able to recover yourself, if the event arises. There is NO limit to the amount of people you can bring along... as long as it is within the legal number you can carry in your vehicle. Winches, are not compulsory but helpful in the event you attempt the optional courses in wet weather.

The navigation is rated easy to challenging; the four wheel drive standard will be easy to medium with possible challenging Options if wet. We advise you to use Mud Terrains for this event, as rain can make it very slippery. You should also be confident in your driving and recovery abilities. This area in the dry is relatively easy-medium, should the weather turn sour the tracks can be extreme.

There will be 3 stages for the event. Stage 3 will commence after a compulsory 90 minute break. Town of Avoca is 10 minutes away from Base Camp and fuel is available until 6 pm. Café's and takeaways also available for those not wanting to be self-sufficient. Make sure you have enough food and water for the event. The event is not catered for.

There will be one base camp, therefore it will be safe to store and setup your camp permanently for the weekend.

No charge for additional people in same vehicle.

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Entry Fee Includes
$300 one vehicle - with driver an navigator
NO CHARGE Extra People in Vechicle

What do I get?
Included in your entry fee are all maps and notes.
Trophies are awarded to top 3 teams. Prize Pool awarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd Placed teams.

Further details please contact:

Sean Daley at sean@navrun.com.au 0416 152 470 or

Daniel Hose at daniel@navrun.com.au 0409 955 548




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