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"an event for the family and kids as well"

more than just an event, its an ADVENTURE!

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EASTER 10th April to 12 April, 2020

Location: NW Desert Region, Vic



What does this logo mean for Navrun? Navrun 4wd Events is a responsible entity which promotes tread lightly values. All events must go through the vigorous scrutineering process through Parks Victoria and DELWP in order to obtain a permit to run. Navrun is a registered license holder through Parks Victoria and DELWP and must abide by all conditions set by them. All events are strictly navigational and not timed. In addition for public safety and environmental protection, we speed limit each and every event, stick to defined tracks and avoid tracks which are unmaintained and extremely eroded, which may cause further damage to the region.

Who & What is!

Navrun 4WD Events is a tax paying, ABN registered business with $20M Public Liability Insurance cover. Navrun is a registered trade mark, totally runand owned by Count Rudi Paoletti {right side of pic}(of the very popular Adventurer Maps and Books and also the founder and maintenance manager of the Aberfeldy Track; the largest European Touring Route in the Southern Hemisphere).

Rudi Paoletti started Navrun back in 2002 and to date has almost run 100 events.

Rudi can be contacted on

Brief Definition of each type of Navrun: There's a Navrun to suit everyone with our huge range and style of events. The Amazing Race is ideal for families in basic cross terrain vehicles while the NavChallenge gets more competitive with navigation and driving challenges, mixing the serious teams with the family teams in daily driver rigs. The Pursuit steps up the adventure with entry level enduro across multiple days and locations and The High Country Challenge is a mix of hard navigation and challenging but moderate 4wd driving. This one caters for your first timers, beginners and experts alike. For more information on any of our events, follow the links at the top of this page

Allan Matthews, Stephanie Pond, Gary Coates, Peter Butcher, Daniel Hose, Sean Daley and Clinton "Macca" McDonald are also part of the extended family of Navrun. They all contribute in the field work set up, and in putting together the competition notes.

Gary got involved in 4wding and camping at a young age, attending club trips with his uncle around the High Country and Pyrenees. After getting his first 4wd and signing up to Navrun's first High Country Challenge, he was hooked. Now having competed in over 20 events including Navruns and Pajero Challenges, and running the well received Guildford Nav Challenge, he has set his sights to running events with Navrun. Being an active competitor for so long, Gary is keen to challenge you in new ways while keeping things fun and adventurous, which is what brought us here in the first place.

Gary can be contacted at

Peter got involved with four wheel driving at a young age going away camping with family. Once he got his Learner plates at 16, he was driving on 4wd tracks gaining experience before getting his own 4wd. He has been an active member in the 4wd community since he purchased his first Nissan Patrol SWB back in 2003 when he was 19. He spent nearly every weekend in the bush and has grown his friendship circle massively. Since that time, He has been involved in countless winch challenge and navigation events as both driver and navigator. Peter’s interested include many things outdoors such as camping, bush walking and high country trout fishing. Peter is keen to further his skills and knowledge by developing and organising events in conjunction with Navrun.

Peter can be contacted at

Stephanie Pond has had a passion for camping and 4 wheel-driving since she was a little girl. Her late great-grandfather, John, would take her and her family on large group high country trips raising money for his local lions club. It created some of her favourite childhood memories.
Her passion grew with her debut into Navrun's at the age of 12, navigating for her Dad. Turning 16 and obtaining her learner's permit she learned to drive off-road and fell in love it. 4 wheel driving and exploring all the hidden secrets out in the bush is still one of her favourite weekend activities.
Each year, 'Aunty Steph' attends our annual Amazing Race over Easter, assisting in course setup, setup of kids courses and after course games and activities for all the kids.
Her camping motto - "Always leave some firewood for the next campers". You just never know what time they'll roll in and it might just make their trip a little more enjoyable.

Stephanie can be contacted at

Daniel (Ruffy) Hose has been involved in 4wding for nearly 25 years and has competed in navigation and winch events for almost 20 years. Ruffy’s flamboyance and charisma has livened many Cliffhangers, Outback Challengers, Navruns, Amazing Races, Pajero Challenges and other navigation events. His passion for the great outdoors has him out camping, exploring, bushwalking or just scouting as often as possible. With a love of ‘old school’ navigation you had better brush up on your compass and protractor work and bring your walking boots!

Daniel can be contacted at

Clinton (Macca)......Clinton has been around 4wd's since he was a kid, after a trip with an Uncle into the High Country piqued his interest. He has competed in numerous Pajero Challenges and been a competitor in various Navruns before stepping up to the challenge of setting up our events. Being in IT for a job, he took to OziExplorer like a duck to water. Clinton also gets out on both mountain and motor bikes for fun, having been involved in MTB racing, and track days on the motorbike.

Clinton can be contacted at

Please enjoy browsing through our site. We really do enjoy what we do and you will see this in what we have produced. Click on the above links for more info, dates, prices and entry forms for that particular event.

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